So I figured it out and made a video myself with sound and a way to get the patch. THROTTLE_90=57,8 Downloaded, unzipped, ran CFS3.exe, "MS CFS 3 has stopped working"...any solutions? I read the support material, but honestly the jargon is a bit too much for me and I can't get this to work :-( PAUSE_TOGGLE=80,8 MP_CHAT=13,10 There's a little more radio chatter than there used to be, but sometimes wingmen use a generic, "I shot one down," even when attacking ground targets, which sounds a little funny. VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT=36,41 3.5 out of 5 stars 44. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator: Wwii Europe Series was the First Elite Flight Simulator put out on October 28, 1998. VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT_UP=33,42 I thought that this was going to be easy. TEXTURE_WATER=1 3 points, i have the original manual for this game. No missing file problem encountered. The most dramatic of the changes is the game's addition of a brand-new campaign engine. One is left to wonder why, with such a lousy line-up of American built fighters (if one were to base one's opinions on the examples portrayed by CFS3), the war ended as it did, with the complete destruction of its adversaries. AXIS_SCALE_00=64 BUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_33=1 -3 points, Docterbomb BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_01=PAN_RESET first! No British HQ squadrons can be properly placed with spacing 2 given the current squadron data and frontline shape It still works well for fighter missions, but falters with the game's increased emphasis on air-to-ground roles. AirfieldName=Interlaken They added some cool airplanes like the ME 262 and the JU 88 and some bombing missions (or more bombing missions) but the games' barely playable. Ordering a ground offensive, however, is expensive, and it would be hard to sustain one by player intervention for extended periods of time. force_flak_enabled=5130 The skill and perseverance you and your squadron or Staffel bring to each battle can alter the tactical situation and the timeline of the campaign.   Your previous content has been restored. AXIS_FLAGS=11 [APL] It's similar to opening an archive such as .rar or .zip ForceFeedJoystick=1 Here's a little video montage I made recently of a Spitfire mission I flew with one of my fellow CSIM forum buddies (warning: harsh language and non-period rock and roll music): I've changed my recording software so future vids won't be so dark. IndicatedAirspeed=1 PANEL_MASKING_OFF=0

AXIS_EVENT_00=AXIS_AILERONS_SET VIEW_REAR_RIGHT_UP=34,42 Feel free to give this one a spin if you want, but be prepared to be disappointed if you're used to the previous versions. SLEW_BANK_PLUS=33,8 On the bright side, there are several digital manuals and each is nicely decorated with a nostalgic sepia tone and photos, and features historical anecdotes.

[MAIN] I've played a lot of flight sims and this is one of my favorites. NEW_MAP=221,9 I'm currently enjoying the hell out of DCS World. paravantis Découvrez lesquelles en vidéo ! Even then, playing could be glitchy. ABORT=3,10 Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2013. Personally, I still think IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 is a great WWII combat sim. FIRE_PRIMARY_GUNS=49,8 Please try again. With the improvements seen in Flight Simulator 2002 and the knowledge that CFS3 would feature a new campaign system, simulation followers were hoping that Microsoft would give the genre a nice boost. DLL=english.fll INVOKE_HELP=112,8 SLEW_ALTIT_PLUS=81,8

Is there a fix to this, or where can I fix the code? Location=312,132,968,668 FOREIGN_TRANSLATOR=0 I am aware of STEAM - but do not want to use it. so that I now have c:\Microsoft games\cfs 3 etc. February 4, 2016 in Ready Room. Feel the adrenalin rush as you start strafing enemy positions at 350 mph, 600 feet above the European countryside, guns blazing and bombs blasting. Difficulty=0 NORTH_SEASONAL_LAT=32   Your link has been automatically embedded. Most drive emulators can read all of these so long as any accompanying files (.cue, .sub, .img, etc) are kept in the same directory as the image, these smaller files usually contain necessary information for the file to load.

The simulation does make some headway in other areas. READOUTS_SLEW=90,9 ALLOW_TEXTURE_SEND=0 Hello, one and all. [Realism] They're about the same in dogfighting, but now they'll participate in the strike role, and they're pretty good shots. Et je viens de charger celui-ci sur votre site et après l'avoir dé-zippé dans un dossier , le jeux se lance du premier coup, c'est génial !!!! 2020-09-18 SLEW_PITCH_MINUS=48,8 And, every time we tried to do it, it seemed to have little effect. One gets to fly any of many types of aircraft, from P-51's, Spitfires and ME109's to name just a few. BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_03=SELECT_PREVIOUS_TARGET Enemy_indicator=0

keeps giving me a (null) error in little box when i try to configure. -1 point, Chris PANEL_6=54,9 .ccd (CloneCD image) Aircraft can stall, but throwing them into a spin takes some real effort, especially with the jets. STARTUP_DEMO= (I thought). How to play. 2019-05-16 Taking screenshots SKIP_ACTION=88,8 So I tried again and again but it just wouldn’t load. You can select the previous Windows OS, such as Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or 3. Display setup (e.g.

AXIS_EVENT_01=AXIS_ELEVATOR_SET A number of combat flight sims will work on Windows 10 using "compatibility mode", including MCS3. BUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_35=1 Tous droits réservés. I flew many hours in every flight simulator Microsoft came out with. Clear editor. LINEAR_CONTROLS=0 No doubt they will block this route next but it will be as successful as their lame attempt to block classic shell in windows 10. RADIOS_25_KHZ=0 Ayant en ma possession IL-2 Sturmovik et CFS 3, j'ai clairement ma préférence pour CFS 3. They do not see their efforts making a difference and there's little evidence that other friendly air and ground forces are at work. 2020-07-07 Country=American

FULL_SCREEN=2 LOG_TIME=0 In Combat Flight Simulator 3 (CFS3) you can fly for the USAAF, RAF, or the Luftwaffe in some of the most advanced and exotic aircraft of WWII. COUNTRY= You can download the base game for free from their official website or get it on Steam (that is, if you have a change of heart about them), but like I say, you have to buy the *good* versions of the warbirds if you want to fly them. abandonware guide Here is the video game “Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe”! Flying anti-shipping strikes, we noticed that the warp would send us directly to the primary target area, but wouldn't stop when passing other possible secondary targets. VIEW_REAR=40,41 So what to do next? System Type: 64-bit operating System, x64-based processor ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE=72,8 Sadly, I was disappointed. TOGGLE_RADIO=66,8 .iso (international standard image) CHECKLISTS=0,5773,2330 Early gameplay is HARD and the game seems un-winnable then one day you get in your P47-D or P-51 and it all just clicks - there is no panic when your monstrous Rolls Royce engine takes a few rounds, oil is splattering all over your windscreen, the prop is just sitting there doing nothing, and your training kicks in, you carefully shut down all the systems and do a mid-flight engine restart ignoring the fact you are a big, shiny lawn dart, your altimeter resembling a cooling fan - it sputters back to life, and you limp the 30 KM home by carefully converting your energy into altitude and vice versa, alive to take on a new mission. BUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_33=1 At higher magnifications through the targeting sight, the view looks a lot like old war footage where tracers can be seen reaching and crossing the guns' convergence points and scattering among the target, leaving impact signs as they hit. BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_35=VIEW_REAR_RIGHT/PAN_DOWN_RIGHT 2019-06-19

paravantis SIM1=Cessna Skylane 182R RG But that’s the cool thing is you can always try again. The game's mission structure is designed on the tactical campaigns that vied for superiority in the sky through later stages of World War II. Now i can play it all again! PLUS_SHIFT=187,9 VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT=33,41 The skill and perseverance you and your squadron bring to each battle can alter the tactical situation and the timeline of the campaign. Aircraft=Supermarine Spitfire MK IX CannonAmmo=240

Well, I am kind of a geek so I did what every geek does that doesn’t have an answer to a problem I asked Google. Unfortunately, this simulator seems more like a step sideways, or even backwards, in terms of graphics quality and neither my husband or I enjoyed the missions. [FACILITIES] BUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_37=1 SLEW_LEFT=37,8 0 point. FOLLOWING_MULTIPLIER=5 battle of britain, Pacific Theater (including Pearl Harbor), just go download them at:

...The respectful trepidation of approaching a full flight of bombers bristling with flaring guns, hundreds of tracers arcing at you, a full escort, and friendly AA bursts popping all around you. -1 point, works awesome on windows 10 and even comes with some extra planes! -5 points. Le réalisme et excellent, et les graphiques époustouflants. There is a steep learning curve if playing this in a sim mode, but everything I learned playing this game has served me in every other flight simulator (using prop driven aircraft) I have ever laid my hands upon. NUMPAD8=38,8

Single missions will be playable over a LAN or on the Internet. Reactive world: areas of the campaign world will trigger events, spawn aircraft, generate flak, and more in response to the presence of the player. How you handle these tactical and technological advantages will determine the outcome?

VIEW_MODE=83,8 I also have the "No British HQs/squadrons can be properly placed with spacing 2 given the current squadron data and front-line shape." This open-ended and flexible campaign means you can influence events, alter history, and extend the timeline to add new technology to your arsenal. anonymousguyontheinternet That said, however, I have found other aircraft within the CFS3 simulator that do perform quite nicely, namely, the British fighters.

LOG_FILE= 3 points, JPS1738 The bad news: CFS3 seems to rely on the players to provide the hosting by using their own PCs as servers. Sadly, 0 point. Combat Flight Simulator 3 : Bataille pour l'Europe sur PC : retrouvez toutes les informations, les tests, les vidéos et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. The missions are excellent, the campaign(s) with dynamic battle lines (determined by your mission type/timing/performance), and pilot experience modifiers along with terrain, historical enemy tactics, and no nonsense/brutal AA weapons make this sim a real gem. OS Build: 17134.590. SLEW_HEADING_PLUS=34,8 TICKS_PER_SYNC=90 Radio_com=1 I remember the first time I loaded this program on my new 486 class computer it took a while. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible.

Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. FAQ Novices, and some experts too, are going to be absolutely flabbergasted because there's nothing but confusion about the ebb and flow of the front line. Mode=1920x1080x64. 0 point.