The SL6Y has a total of 420 watts power vs 320 watts of the Sony, it’s a 3.1 channels system instead of a 2.1 that the Sony is and also has many other features the Sony soundbar is missing like DTS Virtual:X, High Resolution Audio support and expansion capabilities to a full 5.1 system.

Contacte-nos sem perder tempo através do Chat. I am a fan of LG products but I want to check out a few other options first. These include the Dynamic Range Control, the Auto Volume Leveler as well as the included Night mode for late night viewings. Lastly in the package we got some wall mount brackets that you can use to place the soundbar on the wall. Permita que a coluna SPK8-S aumente o sistema áudio com duas colunas de 70 watts e um recetor. We would like to see Bluetooth 5.0 but unfortunately the SL6Y comes with version 4.0 but even as such connection was very stable during our test streaming. Unfortunately, my TV does not support dolby atmos (just dts:x),so I decided to buy LG SL 7Y and rear speakers LG SPK8 .

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and in-depth review. The SL6Y features the same low profile as the SL5Y which makes placement under any TV easy and effortless. Also we should mention that there is no backlight function available but at least the low number of buttons and their big size somewhat improve things.

And that’s it.

Usually we don’t get many details on the kind of drivers these soundbars are using but thankfully LG has given us a few details on the soundbar’s innards. Having recently reviewed the exactly previous model, the SL5Y we couldn’t avoid direct comparisons between the two and during our review you will see that there are much more common elements between the two than what you think making the decision on which one is better to choose a more difficult one. One thing we find very useful and practical in these soundbars is the inclusion of a front display that helps you have an idea of the various functions of the soundbar like volume and input selection among others. We would like to have the power connector closer to the others also for better cable management but we will have to settle with this. So there you have it…. Consulte a nossa Política de Privacidade e Cookies para mais informações. When you first look at the specs the SL6Y looks awfully similar to the SL5Y but we are here to point out their differences and suggest which one is the most appropriate for any given situation. Also the display will turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity so it will not be distracting when watching content for long periods of time. and I know the samsung additional surround speakers can be added but wont be buying in next 1 year. As such we have already mentioned above about the built-in buttons that are placed on the right side of the main unit but these are only for the most basic of functions and you will need the remote in order to be able to calibrate and setup the soundbar. Bass was certainly good without being over the top with it managing to shake us during intense action with the dinosaurs footsteps and roars keeping us on the edge. So with this in mind we felt that the Standard mode did offer the best performance and while certainly some will like the other modes more we believe this to be the one used the most. Esta função está desativada na sua gestão de cookies.

Ajuda do produto. I have LG OLED TV C9, any TV settings for the best audio result in this soundbar? The longer length of the SL6Y did manage to extend the action further to each side and with a center channel present the middle section felt more alive. And it seems that the SL6Y follows the same principle of offering a very simple process from the moment you open the box until the point you watch, or listen, your first content. But the wattage can be deceiving.

Enjoy an elevated, powerful surround sound experience. I currently use a 3.1 speaker system (Labtec Arena 685), they are quite old, so I’m sure any soundbar I go for will be a massive step up. I get three products for same price point ie 350$ equivalent currency here. A LG Sound Bar SL5Y pode ser conectada à sua TV LG por Bluetooth® e ligação ótica. サウンドバー(シアターバー)を買うなら、まずは価格.comをチェック! 全国の通販サイトの販売価格情報をはじめ、スペック検索、クチコミ情報、ランキングなど、さまざまな視点から商品を比較・検討で …

And does it all change if I plan to get Samsung surround speakers but after a few months ? Hi Stratos, O DTS Virtual:X é um formato de Som Surround imersivo que inclui uma dimensão em altura. The LG SL6Y is incredibly similar to the smaller SL5Y, in fact they are so similar that one may find it hard to decide between the two. the reason i am considering the Sony home theater is because of its total 1000w and supports dolby+ and dtshd and allows 4k pass thru. Copyright © 2009-2020 LG Electronics.

You can choose whatever you like best. We briefly mentioned above about the soundbar’s built-in Bluetooth functionality. E com as colunas adicionais de surround spk8 combina a perfeição para uma soundbar. You are welcome Zaahid. Para ativá-la, clique na ligação "Editar definições de cookies" no canto superior, Search for compatible products for your accessory. Simple enough even for those that are not very tech savvy. Also if the content has 5.1 audio channel, but since the soundbar has 3.1 channel do we need to finetune any settings? *Prices, promotions and availability may vary by store and online. LGエレクトロニクス SL5Y 2.1チャンネル サウンドバー ハイレゾ対応 DTS VIRTUALX スピーカー サウンド sound bar 4989027015609. Your model is compatible with this , This model is not compatible with this .

Which one should I keep in your opinion? We have seen a few soundbars offering different placing positions depending on where you place them but this is not the case with this one. The website utilizes responsive design to provide convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size.

メーカー:LGエレクトロニクス. When it comes to the connectivity capabilities of the LG SL6Y it seems that it comes with exactly the same specs as the SL5Y so this part of our article will be almost the same as before. Because all new products should have warranty. The subwoofer is exactly the same as LG seems to be using the same unit for both the SL5Y and SL6Y and as such comes with 220 watts of power. To be honest, you shouldn’t expect a night and day difference with this mode but it did try to push the action further towards us instead of simple restricting itself to the front. In fact we could say that except from the length nothing else appears to be different as far the general design of the unit is concerned while the subwoofer itself seems to be exactly the same one we tested with the smaller unit. Did it managed to create a convincing performance?

Now as for your question Dolby Digital and DTS can be passed to the soundbar through both the optical and the HDMI port. With everything been said and done the only calibrations that are available is to select the sound mode you like the most and by pressing the sound tuning button to adjust the treble, bass, subwoofer and center channels as well as the rear channels if available.
The app not only offers all the basic controls for the soundbar but also includes a few extra functions that cannot be accessed otherwise. Na LG Electronics, queremos que a sua experiência com o produto seja a melhor. The SJ4R with two mini subwoofer extra

So without further delay lets start our review. *Rear speakers are wired to the included wireless receiver but is not shown in the image. This can make cable management a bit problematic as grouping and hiding them is not as easy as if all connections were close together. The SL6Y features only forward looking drivers meaning that placement on a furniture and on the wall will be feature the same sitting position. 連休中も休まず即納致します!DTS Virtual:X テクノロジーを使用した LG サウンドバー SL5Y 。【人気商品!最後のお1つです!】LG サウンドバー SL5Y Sound Bar 2.1ch 400W ホームシアター Bluetooth 高解像度オーディオ ワイヤレスリアスピーカー テレビサウンド同期 ウーファー 没入型サウンド

Elevada potência e precisão com a tecnologia Smart Inverter. Desfrute de uma experiência de Som Surround ainda mais elevada e potente. Happy viewings bud, let me know if you need anything. Room size is 16’x16’x11′ (ft). But what has changed is that instead of being placed exactly in the middle of the front face here it has been pushed to the right side between the center and right channels. A coluna sem fios adiciona dois canais áudio para aumentar a potência do seu sistema em 140 watts. Sound quality between HDMI ARC and optical is and should be exactly the same as both of them are transferring digital signals. A música digital tornou-se audiófila, com taxas de sampling mais elevadas e profundidade de bits que contribuem para uma experiência auditiva mais precisa e agradável.